Photo Gallery

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Video Clips

Video clips of the LS-3 sailing in 5-8 mph winds. Though these clips aren't near top speed they should give you a feel for how the LS-3 looks and sails. These clips can be played with either Windows Media Player (.asf) or Quicktime (.mov). The size of each file is listed next to it. Enjoy!

Windows Media Quicktime
(Low resolution)
(High resolution)
Quick Flyby 471K 155K 613K
Over The Horizon 472K 154K 615K
Quick Start 437K 143K 570K
Long Beat Upwind 758K 250K 998K
Burst of Speed 719K 237K 946K
Flyby with Fuselage 612K 201K 802K
Many Points of Sail 1.28M 438K 1.70M
LS-3 Mast System 620K 204K 815K
Fast Upwind Work 1.31M 437K 1.74M