LS-3: "Ugly Duck"

LS-3 model

Quick and dirty, that describes the LS-3.  It is designed to be the simplest, least expensive and fastest class II racer possible.  The LS-3 incorporates composite wood construction for reduced weight and cost and an independent suspension for a smoother ride.  Great thought and testing has gone into streamlining this design to make it the perfect model for beginners and experienced modelers alike.

The LS-3 is also extremely easy to build, even for a novice.  And with its simple modular design there is ample opportunity for making modifications of your own, after all that's half the fun of modeling.

For those modelers interested in maximum speed a true wing mast is available as an add on to the LS-3 kit increasing the model's speed and pointing ability.

I have also considered manufacturing an aesthetic, non-load bearing fuselage cover that fits over the main beam to improve the LS-3 appearance and offer some additional protection for the electronics but manufacturing costs have put that development on hold indefinitely.  If you would like to see what the prototype looks like click here.

LS-3 model


Design Features:

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