How would you like to RC sail at over 30 mph?  Since 1998 I've been designing, developing and testing the LS series of remote controlled model landsailer instructions and kits, suited for sailors and modelers of all ages and skills.  These Radio Controlled model landsailers or landyachts as they're sometimes called, are extremely fast with the capability to actually exceed, even double wind speed.  All you need is a parking lot and some wind and you can race or just cruise around flying wheelies.

Kris Seluga with LS models

Great for both the experienced modeler and the novice, these kits range in assembly time, appearance and cost of materials but all offer hours of fun.  They also make wonderful school projects with estimated construction times of 10-20 hours.

Landsailers are extremely fast and responsive as you can see from the video clips.  With their high profile sails and wing masts the LS series of model landsailers point higher and go faster than any RC sailboat.  They can sail on concrete, blacktop, hard sand, dirt or any other smooth surface.  The smoother the field, the faster they go.

The LS-3 "Ugly Duck" is a simple, efficient design that conforms to IRCSSA class II specifications. It is easy to assemble and offers a quick, lively performance.  For those of you who like to think big, there is the LS-4 "Condor," a refined class III model that's 58" long and 64" tall.  Just like the real ones, they luff while gibing, level out and accelerate when turning downwind and can spin out from time to time.  Because they reach such high speeds so quickly, the apparent wind is often coming from the bow making them very stable once under way.  This, along with spring loaded side stays, allow them to carry large sails without losing stability.  To find out more about any of these models follow the links above.

Last Updated: 22 June 2018